​​​Tech Tips-This page is dedicated to simplifying tasks that can become confusing when trying to execute as per "Owners Manual" instructions. Hope this helps!

​*​Using "On-Board Diagnostics" to identify a trouble code. (engine light comes on to inform you a trouble code exists)

​     You can open this PDF for instructions and print if you like.

​*​2014-2016 Spark Plug Wire Issue-Rushmore Bikes

​     The front cylinder spark plug wire is routed through the fuel tank tunnel along the backbone of the frame. If the wire touches the fuel tank tunnel corner it is subject to rub with engine vibration causing failure. Trace the wire from the plug to underneath the fuel tank to check for wear. If you see or feel a flat spot on the wire, you have an issue.​Rick and I played with a fix this morning.

*Latest Boom Box Upgrade

     POI (Point of interest-Dealership Locater) version 2017 Q2

     Premium Boom! Box version

     Downloadable files are found at Harley-Davidson.com, Owners, Software Upgrades


​*100% dependent on your FOB to crank your bike?

​     Here's a quick start guide I put together that's less confusing than reading the manual. Remember, on a road trip the FOB can be lost or broken.

​*​Front Wheel shudder during braking.

​     It has been brought to our attention that front wheel shudder during braking could be the result of premature wear in the front wheel bearing. It feels much like a warped brake rotor. Both local instances have been experienced on 2014 Ultra Limited models. If you experience this condition have it checked out immediately by a certified HD tech.