H.O.G. #1686 Event Calendar

* Guest rider/passenger Waiver forms can be downloaded and printed off of the "Downloadable Forms" Pag

1/13/2022         6:00pm Meet and Greet @ LaRumba 173 Hwy 171. Bring a friend!                                          02/10/2022      6:00pm Meet and Greet @ Seafood Palace 2218 Enterprise Blvd, Lake Charles, La. Bring a                                                             friend!

03/10/2022    6:00pm   Meet and Greet @ Fat Pat's Bar and Grille 2620 Dillard Loop Lake Charles, La.

                                                Bring a friend!

4/14/2022        6:00pm Meet and Greet @ The Max 1400 National Drive Westlake, La.. This is the restaurant

                                                located within the Westlake Golf Course. New facility, great reviews on the dining

                                                experience. Bring a friend!

05/21/2022     11:00am   Annual HOG Crawfish Boil 2892 Hardee Road (Scott's house off of Old Town Road)

                                                There will be a brief morning ride loop leaving HD of LC and arriving at the boil 

                                                around noon. Fee will be $15.00 per person. RSVP as soon as possible.

05/12/2022    6:00pm   Meet & Greet @ Walk-On's Sports Bistreaux 5313 Common St. Lake Charles, La.

                                                Bring a friend!

06/09/2022   6:00pm  Meet & Greet @ Darrell's 119 W College St. Lake Charles, La. Bring a friend!

07/14/2022      6:00pm Meet & Greet @ Jeanne's Bourbon Street BBQ 915 Sampson St, Westlake, La. Phone                                                       #304.780.8676. Bring a freind!

08/11/2022     6:00pm  Meet & Greet @ Seafood Palace 2218 Enterprise Blvd. Lake Charles, La. Phone #337

                                                433.9293. Bring a friend!

08/25/2022    5:00pm  1st Inaugural "Nite Ride". Meet @ HD of LC. KSU @ 5:00pm. Ride to Roy's Catfish 

                                               Cabin in Kinder for dinner.

09/08/2022   6:00pm   Meet & Greet at Cast & Cleaver, 303 South Cities Service Hwy. Phone #337.533.2235

                                                Bring a freind!

09/22/2022   5:00pm  "Nite Ride"-Meet @ HD of LC, KSU @5:00pm. Ride to D&D Steakhouse 1030 N Pine St.

                                                DeRidder, La.

09/29/2022    5:00pm   Night Ride, KSU @ 5:pm from Harley-Davidson of Lake Charles. Destination Double

                                                D's 1030 N Pine St. DeRidder, La.

10/13/2022      6:00pm   Meet & Greet @ Logan's Roadhouse 3509 Gerstner Memorial Drive, Lake Charles, La.

                                                Randall Herbert has made reservations. Bring a friend!                                                                 10/15/2022           TBA     Breast Cancer Awareness Fund Raiser @HD of LC. Bikini Bike Wash! 50% of the                                                                proceeds to go to a worthy cause. Flashback takes the stage from 11:00 to 3:00

10/27/2022    5:00pm    Night Ride meets at HD of LC. Destination decided by those that show up to ride.

11/10/2022     6:00pm    Meet & Greet @ The Max 1400 National Drive Westlake, La. (near the golf course).

                                                Bring a friend!

12/09/2022    6:00pm    Lake Charles HOG #1686 Christmas Party. Party hosted by Tim & Joan Bloomfield 

‚Äč                                                5614 Joli Bois Lake Charles, La. (near Ham Reid & Nelson Road).