Saturday January 25th 6 Bikes and Riders met @ HD of LC for Rider's Choice. Before departure we picked up Roland Rios, a fellow HOG member visiting out of Austin, Texas. He wanted to ride along with us. We also picked up Mitch O'Neal in Starks and Gilbert Lyon in Deweyville. Road to Tia Juanita's in Lumberton, Texas. Red Lester led the ride, Roger Sutherland served as sweep. A little cool going over but pleasant temps on the return trip.

Saturday June 20th 12 Bikes, 13 members and 1 guest showed for the Rider's Choice. Our guest was James Harris (one of Mitch O'Neal's co-workers). They departed HD of LC @ 9:00am for a back road route to Fat Boy and Skinny's in Leesville. Johnny Beaugh led the ride and Mitch O'Neal served as sweep.

Saturday September 3rd, 9 bikes and 11 riders met @ HD of LC for a Rider's Choice to Ronnie's Cajun Cafe in Eunice for "Brunch". Served as a nice break from the Hurricane Laura experience. Johnny Beaugh was the lead Road Captain, Mitch O'Neal served as sweep.

After the February 1, 2020 General Meeting 7 Bikes and 8 Riders left HD of LC for a leisurely ride to Regatta restaurant in Lake Arthur. Great weather!

     Saturday May 2nd the Officer and General Meetings were canceled due to governor's extended "stay at home" order. 10 bikes, 10 rider's showed for a ride anyway. Rode to Martin's Corner in Milam, Texas for lunch where the lockdown had been lifted. Red Lester led the ride and Mitch O'Neal served as sweep. Great job by both of those guys! Good roads, great route, everyone enjoyed the day in perfect weather! .

With the Virus stay at home order some of us have been experiencing a certain degree of "Cabin Fever". To offset that we have been conducting rides every Saturday to a destination decided by the group. Social distancing guide lines have been very easy to exercise in the name of keeping everyone safe. There has been a constant participation of 8 to 12 bikes, riders every Saturday, let's keep it up! Here are a few shots of these rides, good to see Jane Allums back on the Heritage once again!

Saturday August 15th 9 bikes and riders met for Rider's Choice to Tia Juanita's in Lumberton, Texas. After lunch the return trip home got a little warm with upper 90's in temps. Cody Reeves was the Lead Road Captain, Roger Sutherland served as sweep.

Saturday February 8th 11 Bikes met at HD of LC. Destination decided was Cedar Tree Restuarant in Jasper, Tx. Gibby Lyons met up with north of Orange, Tx. to bring the count to 12 Bikes. Enjoyed the buffet and sunny weather.

6 Bikes and 7 Riders met @ HD of LC for a Covid19 ride. We departed @ 9:00am, rode to Tobacco Plus in Kinder for a rest stop. Roy and Linda peeled of as we proceeded South to Lorraine Bridge for a picnic lunch at the park. Two new bikes were making their inaugural run;

2020 CVO Tri Glide ridden by Red Lester

2008 Road King ridden by Mark Weller

Congrats on your new bikes!

Saturday May 30th 12 Bikes met for a ride to Shuck's in Abbeville. Johnnie Beaugh led, Mitch O'Neal served as sweep.