Head Road Captain-Johnny Beaugh

​     Road Captains engage in additional training to serve as Lead, Mid-Pack and Sweeps to insure our rides are executed with Safety as our #1 priority.

     ​To all active Road Captains, please program these cell numbers ito your phone so communication can be maintained should the need arise on a ride. E-mail addresses are provided as an additional line of discussion among this group.

​Barry Zerangue-bzerangue@yahoo.com-337.661.9426

Douglas Werth-​dougwerth49@gmail.com-​423.802.7011

Roger Sutherland-roger_sutherland@bellsouth.net-337.496.7050

​Brian Sumner-​Bps055@aol.com-​337.532.0618

​Ann Sumner

Cody Reeves-clreeves@dow.com-337.342.0528

​John Nordbergh-redfish_70669@yahoo.com-​337.438.7458

​Linda Nordbergh

​Roy Nixon-​mamanixon2001@yahoo.com-337.515.6062

Linda Nixon-​mamanixon2001@yahoo.com-​337.515.6004

Kenneth "Red" Lester-redlester68@gmail.com-337.529.9696

Randall Herbert-raherbert@spectraenergy.com-337.764.7975

Jerry Guillory-jguillory2525@hotmail.com-817.894.5666

Bonnie Gilley-brgilley@icloud.com​-337.965.8483

John East-jte_1977@yahoo.com-337.485.3714

Gabe Broussard-​gabr1420@yahoo.com-​337.515.9584

​Vernon Boudreaux-vlb714@hotmail.com-​337.707.1130

Johnny Beaugh-hd9hcap@gmail.com-337.515.9578

​Lionel Bailey-e-mail addy not available-337.208.4056

​Jane Allums-jane1445@att.net-337.515.3294

​     Thank you!! For the extra time and effort your put forth in additional training to ensure that our chapter riders enjoy a safe day on 2 wheels.